Purple Dragon Knight

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Purple Dragon Knight

Description: The famous purple dragons of Cormyr are regarded across Faerûn as exemplars of disciplined, skilled, loyal soldiers. Their reputation is deserved partly because of the heroic actions of their leaders, the purple dragon knights. Purple dragon knights develop uncanny skills relating to coordinating and leading soldiers. Most are fighters, rangers or paladins, but a few bards, and clerics have been known to become purple dragon knights. Barbarians are too undisciplined, and druids and monks too "uncivilized" in Cormyr to enter this career.

Hit Dice: d10

Proficiencies: None

Skill Points: 2 + Int mod

Class Skills: Craft Armor, Craft Trap, Craft Weapon, Discipline, Intimidate, Lore, Persuade, Ride

Primary Saving Throw(s): Fortitude

Base Attack Bonus: +1/level


Alignment: Any

Base Attack Bonus: +4

Classes: Any

Factions: Northern Coalition

Feats: Mounted Combat(requires Ride 1)

Race: Any

Skills: Intimidate 1 rank, Listen 2 ranks, Persuade 1 rank, Ride 2 ranks, Spot 2 ranks

Spellcasting: None

Special Abilities and Feats

1Rallying Cry , Heroic Shield
2Inspire Courage 1/day
3Fear Aura
4Inspire Courage 2/day, Oath of Wrath
5Final Stand

Epic Purple Dragon Knight

Epic Feat Progression: None

Epic Feats: None


  • Purple Dragon Knights can only go up to level 5, therefore may not become epic.
  • Purple Dragon Knight is a Unique Prestige Class of the Northern Coalition.
  • Players who receive the bonuses from Final Stand cannot receive them again for another 25 minutes, even from another Purple Dragon Knight.