Ancient Ones

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Capital: Sleeth

Factional Alliances: Ragnar's Kin

Races: Any except dwarves and gnomes

Alignments: All

Classes: Cleric (any domains except Earth, Plant, Water and Trickery) All other classes that aren't exclusive to other factions except Shadowdancer, and Paladin

Unique Prestige Class: Red Dragon Disciple

Bind Point Color: Green

Deities: Tempus, Bahamut, Tiamat

Guilds: Wings of Entropy -WoE-, The Ring of Wonder TROW

A loosely-bound faction consisting of Dragonkin, Yuan-Ti, and other Lizardfolk. While their hatred of non-serpentine creatures is without bounds, they are more than happy to recruit Slaves and followers from the planar rifts, with promises of great power and wealth. One of the more fractured factions, the Ancient Ones have locations spread throught the realm, but are somehow able to coordinate attacks with remarkable efficiency and skill. Followers of this faction can expect serious power with serious consequences, but prove yourself to the dragons and they may let you move up the ranks.


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