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Guild Guidelines

There are 12 available guild halls in NS4 EE, meaning 2 guilds for each of the 6 factions.

  • Forming a Guild
  1. To form a guild you must have 3 members, from the same faction, with matching guild tags (usually the initials of the guild name and a limited amount of special characters, with the exception of ' and "for decoration, somewhere in the petitioning character name) leveled to 40 before requesting official guild status.
  2. At this time, membership in only 1 official guild is permitted. You can't petition for guild status in 2 guilds.
  3. Send a PM to Frendel or Bargeld on the Neversummer 4 EE Forum if you have questions or are requesting official guild status.
  • Approved Guilds
  1. Upon approval your guild will be able to submit a guildhall map which will have an entry from the faction city they have chosen. Only members with a Guild Hall key will gain acess to this area.
  2. In the Guild Hall there will be a NPC which will color your armor and helm for you, in the colors that your guild has chosen to be their uniform (1 primary color and 1 secondary color).
  3. In the cases of guilds being brought forward from NS4 1.69, you will still be required to have 3 players with tagged characters leveled to 40, but your guild halls will simply be unlocked if no change is wanted from the previous version.
  4. Guilds recieve an official section on the Neversummer 4 EE Forum. These forums will be moderated by the Guild leader (and DMs)

Guilds by Faction

The Northern Coalition

Fists of the North {FoN}
Clericus Liberatus Anno Domini {CLAD}

The Circle

The Silver Striders (TSS)

The Ancient Ones

Wings of Entropy -WoE-
The Ring of Wonder TROW

Ragnar's Kin

The Mystral Ascendancy

The High Council ~~THC~~'

The Shadow Legion

Illithid Order IO
Death on Arrival (DoA)

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