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Melencia is the capital of The Circle, and is the rival of Garagoth. Unlike your typical city, Melencia blends itself as much as possible into the woodland environment where it is located. Hence, Melencian buildings are typicaly tents, stone buildings, tree houses, or natural caves. Nonetheless, Melencia offers any and all necessities that one would expect to find in larger cities, such as an inn (Nature's Inn), shops (Forest Threads, The Archery Shack, The Old Tree Spells and Smithy) and a market place.

Members of The Circle are divided into three Orders or Clans: The Bears (Rangers), The Boars (Bards), and The Wolves (Barbarians). Melencia is ruled by a Council, comprised of the leaders of each Order (The Bear, The Boar and The Wolf) and the wise Lady Feon, head of the Druids and of the Council itself.

Melencia counts among its loyal and dedicated defenders Wood Spirits, Forest Guardians and Forest Walkers, in addition to adventurers who have chosen The Circle as their faction after being wrenched away from their homeworlds by the Rift.