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Fists of the North Overview

Blessed is the glowing city, the jewel of the North, which is Holy Daeron, the paragon of light and redemption in this land beleugered by sinners. Her ideals shall rush forth across the realms in a cleansing tide of purity and goodness, a wave ridden by the noble Fists of the North.

Crusaders of righteousness and redemption, the Fists of the North stand to disabuse the infidels of the sundered factioned nations of their wicked ways, for only through the absolution of their heretical guilt, can the taint which mars their souls be sanitized. Through the Word or the Blade, the Fists shall shepherd the misled heathens to the Way, for salvation may only be gained by way of conversion or death.

The Fists of the North shall smite any evil which threatens the lands. Woe be unto those of deviance and vice, for they shall feel the sting of the Fists' wrath. The actions of the Fists are always for the common benefice, for in their wisdom, they are beholden to the golden course and eagerly lead others down said path... for their own good.

The Holy Triumverate of Helm, Tyr, and Torm shall lead the way. The Tenets of Protection, Duty, Loyalty, Obedience, and Justice shall ever be held in the highest of esteem.

We are the Fists of the North, and our Light shall shine upon all.

  • Alignments: The Guild is Lawful Good. Members may be Neutral Good/Lawful Neutral/Lawful Good.
  • Organization: Militant Theocracy. Structure is based on equality of all members. No member is held in greater importance to any other. There are no set leaders as all work to the common good.
  • Religions/Deity(s): Most often followers of the Holy Triumverate (Tyr, Helm, Torm), however, followers may practice worship of any of the benevolent pantheon. Forsaken (godless) are frowned upon.
  • Guild Hall: Humble Cottage Hall located in the center of Daeron.
  • Guild Colours: Blue and Silver/Grey (recent change from historical White and Purple)

Guidelines For Playing a Fist of the North

  1. Respect the DMs/Devs and follow all Commandments of the Server.
  2. The shout channel is NOT for out-of-character/real-life taunting, griping, or airing out any dirty laundry one might have with another player. The shout channel can be used for rp taunting (May Tyr keep you from stealing our oxygen any longer!), Silly but tasteful jokes, actual problems, answering of questions, finding a party etc. but lets keep off shout if we can. Use your best judgment when it comes to using shout. If you act like a child, you will be treated like one.
  3. NO LOWBIE HUNTING or drive-by’s in lowbie areas. If for some reason a lowbie attacks your higher lvl pc, give him a dirt nap, but don't camp lowbie areas period. If they are of a similar level, then by all means defend yourself. However, no offensive actions are to be taken while an opponent is in combat with NPC's. This of course does not apply in defending faction territory/NPC's.
  4. We do not single out a player and harass them, regardless of their conduct towards our own personnel. If you are passing someone in dwarves and decide to go after them that's fine, if you wait for a player to log and kill them at every chance its not. If you are being harrassed bring it to the guild's attention as well as the DM's attention and we'll go from there.
  5. Behave like a good guy. Play the faction correctly. Lawful characters (LG, LN) or good characters (NG), do not resort to sneaky and underhanded tactics whether it be stealing from guild halls, using exploits, or pickpocketing someone 35 times in an hour. If you want to play an "evil" toon, make it in another faction, we are not a faction exclusive guild.
  6. We are here to enhance the game play and fun of the entire server as a community. Be gracious in victory and in defeat. This is about fun, if you get angry, take a break and realize that this is a GAME.
  7. HOLY CRUSADE - events in which one of the gods sets a geas upon an FoN to destroy all heretics in his/her path or other quest. Crusades may also be called in response to realities in the realms as a way to cull out hostile chaotic agents and evil heathens running amok. Crusades are considered fanatical red=dead occurrences, none will be safe (this shall supplant the no-lowbie killing rule). Crusades are rare, but deeply ingrained in the fanatical psyche of the zealous Fists. The cleansing death shall purify heretical souls.

Interested In Joining?

  1. Make your interest in membership and yourself known to the Fists. Speak with us, adventure with us, raid with us.
  2. Post a note of your intention to seek membership on the Northern Coalition forum on the Neversummer 4 EE Forums {NS4EE:FoN}.
  3. Create a Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral or Neutral Good character in the Northern Coalition.
  4. Place the Fists of the North guild tag in the character's name: {FoN}
  5. Remember to set your deity to one of the accepted Northern Coalition gods: Tyr, Helm, Ilmatar, St Cuthbert, Torm.
  6. Contact a member online to be keyed outside the guild hall.

Current Membership Roster

Leaders: The Fists of the North have no leaders. Fists work in agreement with one another and toward the common good.

  • cRaZy8or5e/Praedator
  • burrahobbit/ruprtmonkiboy
  • frogofpeace/Ranapacis/feraltoad
  • shamed

Guild History

  • Intrepid warriors of Daeron join forces to defend the precious Jewel of the North. The Fists of the North are founded, ending the days of chaos and darkness in benighted Aetheria. (17 February 2008)
  • Guild Colours Updated (21 May 08)
  • On this day (1 July 08), the forces of the Beneficent Alliance did seal the victory of Melencia over the hordes of heathens which did conspire to steal away the relics of power. The gods have looked kindly upon our cousins of the forest and granted them a statue in honour of their grand victory. Brother Praedator received special recognition for his stalwart works during the melee.
  • It was in this day of great chaos (17 July 08) in which the winds of change did sweep across the torn lands of Aetheria. Powers diminished and factions waned, yet Daeron stood strong, a glowing and beckoning beacon to the true of heart. Seeing the entropy loose upon the land, the Fists were more needed than ever (Guild Returns after Wipe).
  • Honor and valor abound as the Fists defend Daeron and the Northern Coalition are named Champions in the greatest relic war of them all. Ricky Bobby {FoN} (cRaZy8or5e) goes fast and hits hard, and is named MVP after a particularly many rousing adventures, particularly the battle of Ragnar's Kin, (15 March 2010)
  • The mighty Fists of the North travel to Melencia where battles rage. The foes of evil are vanquished and balance maintained! (2 August 2010)
  • The Fists rally the defenders of Daeron and her allies to vanquish her foes and advance the cause of light in the land. The Holy Relic is held, and the relics of our foes taken and cleansed. (21 November 2011)
  • Knowing the tactical advantages in defending the Wolf's Den, the Fists lend our might to the Relic defenders in Melencia. Brother Mordred is singled out for his valor. (27 April 2014)
  • The Fists of the North again join the alliance to fight greater evil, and assist our brothers and sisters of the wood in a great Relic war in Melencia. The foes of the Alliance are vanquished. Praise Torm! (27 February 2014)
  • The fists of the North gather in defense of the Holy Relic of Daeron, gathering the symbols of our foes in defiance of evil and apostasy. Brother Rotnorg is named the hero of the battles (30 September 2019)
  • Fists of the North chapter established on Neversummer 4 Enhanced Edition (13 October 2020)
  • Founding information and history may be found on the forums: {NS4:FoN}

Guild Relations