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Welcome to the Neversummer Wikipedia. This is a player-run wiki, and is based on the realm of Neversummer. You may add anything you want you find in Neversummer like spells, feats, and class. Feel free to add in, but please no graffiti. If you get caught writing graffiti onto pages you will be banned from the Wiki.

The Wiki is player-run and rarely touched by the DMs. The Wiki is mainly run by the players, and has four Wiki Editors who watch over its content. The editors may delete pages along with a few other things, but most of the privileges on the Wiki belong to everyone else as well. Anyone may add, edit, or view all posts. Although a few deleted posts may not be viewed for obvious reasons.

Adding a post depends on what you are adding. For each something you are adding there are Templates that show you how to display your information on your page. Although it is important to try and follow these templates, don't worry if you mess up a little. If you do, the editors will simply fix it up for you (deleting or changing it if graffitied). An easy way to use the templates is to find a similar subject to yours that is completed. For example, if you are adding in a spell then simply go to a finished spell like Banishment. Then click the edit button and copy its formatting. When you are creating your page simply paste it, remove the original properties from the spell, and then add in the properties of the spell you are adding in.

A lot of the material from Neversummer has already been added into the Wiki, but still it remains unfinished. Many spells need more information on its altering from the nerfs in Neversummer, many items need more descriptions, and there will be a continual influx of new material that has been added into Neversummer 4. Feel free to edit other's posts for correctness.


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