Known Bugs

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  • Shifting causes all items to unequip for a second, making the character lose any spell slots gained from items.
  • RACES: Svirfneblin, Drow, Githzerai and Githyanki racial Spell Resistance disappears upon dying, but reappears upon resting.
  • Invisible Enemies - This is an EE engine bug. Use chat command: /blink to resolve.
  • Character Sheet not matching combat logs - There are a few things that are known to cause this
    • Abilities that exceed the 20 AB cap, such as Warlords Might and Divine Wrath
  • Pure Fighter token - When possible, receive haste before activating fighter token, otherwise oddities may occur ranging from losing all token bonuses to having those bonuses expire when haste spell expires.
  • If the haste spell expires while you're under the effect of Barbarian's rage haste, you'll lose haste even when still enraged.
  • Multiclass caster buff queue - divine casts as arcane. See details here:
  • Certain caster mobs with more than 40 caster levels have lost their spellbooks and therefore their ability to buff/cast. This is an EE server bug.