Dwarven Stronghold

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The Dwarven Stronghold is a great citadel and city which lies beneath the Black Hills in the heart of Aetheria. It was founded centuries ago by the fabled dwarven hero, Ragnar, who united the dwarven races including the Duergar for protection against Drow raids. It is the center of the faction Ragnar's Kin and thus the Stronghold is often referred to as "Ragnar's Rock", though the faction leaders consider this an undignified term and frown upon its use.

The upper levels lead to the Black Hills and contain numerous mines. The outermost tunnels suffer depredations from orc marauders from the Black Hills, and all the tunnels frequently have problems with beetle infestations. The main city itself is located on the lower level where one can find the headquarters of Ragnar's Kin, the war training facilities and a great temple dedicated to the entire dwarven pantheon. The stronghold has shops and taverns like any surface city of Aetheria. The city's gates lead to the Underground Lake, and from there tunnels that eventually reach the Underdark. These tunnels are often plagued with rats, vermin, cave hounds, and molemen. The furthest reaches often see intrusions from stronger inhabitants from the Underdark.