Welcome to the home page for Neversummer 4 : Enhanced Edition!

Neversummer Realms was created in 2004 as a persistent world server for the original Neverwinter Nights. Since then, the server has been developed and released as new servers: NS2, NS3, NS3.5, and NS4.

Neversummer 4 is an expansive persistent world server, focused on class & build balance for both PvE and PvP and has been running and continually developed for over a decade and is still active for version 1.69 of Bioware’s Neverwinter Nights.

With Beamdog’s release of Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition, the module has now been ported over and takes full advantage of all the new features of Enhanced Edition, including NWSync. Please visit the Credits page for a full listing of the current and past team involved in NS4:EE.

New players can find the game server through the multiplayer server directory in the NWN:EE game client. Please start here to begin your journey:

New Player Guide

Additional community resources include:

NS4:EE Forums

NS4:EE Wiki

NS4:EE Discord Channel

NS4:EE Discord Invite Link

NS4 1.69 Forum Archive

Realm Storyline

The realm of Aetheria is in a state of all-out war – the dimensional walls between planes are crumbling, sending creatures of all types – powerful and weak, good and evil – swarming through the cracks at an alarming rate. These creatures have begun to completely take over the land, and the once peaceful and widespread people of Aetheria have been driven back into a small corner of the world that was once theirs.

Hundreds of years have passed since the swarms began, and the once wild and reckless creatures, pulled from their home planes and forced to fend for themselves in a strange land, have begun to form civilizations of their own, usurping the lands that once belonged to the citizens of Aetheria. To survive, they were forced to band together, and seven factions have since emerged:

Their ultimate goal – to eliminate the other powers and take the realm of Aetheria for themselves, once and for all.

As a player, you arrive in Aetheria through one such dimensional rift, having been pulled from your home plane and tossed into a world you know nothing about. You are met at the opening of this rift by seven Ambassadors, sent by their faction leaders in a desperate attempt to gain the upper hand, recruiting people and monsters that stream through at an ever-increasing rate. The forces battling for control of Aetheria are not the only dangers you will face, due to the unstable nature of the plane, traveling through the realm affords many opportunities to venture into other planes, more distant, but also more dangerous.


In the realm of Neversummer 4 EE, Aetheria is a world full of dangers and adventure. The rift shards of Aetheria have pulled people from other realms to it, leaving them trapped here and forced to fight for their lives.

Naturally, different people have claimed Aetheria as their own. This led to Factions gathering together, and constant war between them. The original people of the realm gathered together in the Last Alliance, dragons good and evil gathered as the Ancient Ones, drow gathered as the Shadow Legion, lawful people gathered in the Northern Coalition, mages and necromancers in the Mystral Ascendancy, earthwalkers in The Circle, and dwarves bonded as Ragnar’s Kin.

As you enter Aetheria, you must choose a faction to align with. From then on, you gain their protection, and live within its territories until you are strong enough to travel out to the dangerous world. You must then use your skills to survive, thrive, and ultimately lead your faction to victory in the never ending battle that is Neversummer Realm.

Neversummer 4 EE Features

  • 600+ areas. All are beautifully crafted, with custom lighting and sounds. Lots of detail.
  • 2500+ custom items along with craftable items.
  • 800+ custom creatures with custom AI and equipment.
  • Custom spawn system storing persistent info and using party like groups and day/night timing. The data is cached at player entry for minimum lag and CPU loads.
  • Custom treasure system for creatures and placeables. Containers will spawn with groups of creatures and have scaled treasure based on difficulty of the spawn. Containers will be trapped, lockable and destroyable.
  • Unique item treasure with random additional & replacement item modifiers.
  • Book system for random drops of +2 and +4 permanent ability modifiers.
  • Artifact items that cannot be purchased from vendors or dropped by specific mobs. Random drops only!
  • Truly persistent system using NWNX and MySQL. This will track Time of day, Player locations, quests, reputation, alignment, housing/binds, etc.
  • 6 Player factions and multiple creature factions. Game tracks faction reputation based on player’s actions versus each other and the world.
  • Endgame factional warfare and factional quests/jobs with permanent rewards.
  • Subraces from Forgotten Realms/Dragonlance with abilities and combat level adjustment.
  • Many spells and feats changed for balanced PvE & PvP gameplay. NWSync pushes accurate in-game descriptions!
  • Custom XP system giving bonuses to parties and a better adjustment for character level.
  • Taverns, Inns, and Camps to rest and bind your character. These have rift shards which pull your character back from the ether.
  • Custom Bleeding system. After 0 hitpoints a player will slowly bleed down to -10 with a small chance to stabilize and recover. Friends are able to bandage in order to revive.
  • Balanced game world and item base to allow for fair and fun combat in a PvE and PvP setting.
  • Tight knit community feel.
  • Lots of Action.