If you ever come across a winxp sp1 install...

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If you ever come across a winxp sp1 install...

Post by Lokey »

Throw it in a tire fire. Or throw linux on it. So it took:

75 updates. Two restarts. Some other things to click on.

SP2. Takes a while, prompt or two restart.

Forget how many or what.

SP3. First dl was corrupt, installer didn't catch. Redownload.
SVCHost berserk bug, crashed a few times. Safemode, 2 prompts, let sit for three hours, done.

42 updates. Restart.

Next time yahoo or facebook change their css/flash/etc reqs, grandmom is going to have to find a new grandson or learn to deal with linux.
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Re: If you ever come across a winxp sp1 install...

Post by dethonlegs »

offer to fix her "hip" and get a mac

seriously though, the KDE4 experience is light years over XP. Been on it for two years now and there is no way im going back to winblows, unless of course diablo 3 wont work under wine


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