AVG 8.0 is a Virus

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AVG 8.0 is a Virus

Post by P. Fricebottle »

Need alternate suggestions as to what other anti-virus programs are out there that are any good. I upgraded from AVG 7.5 to 8.0 and it started taking up more of my CPU then I was comfortable with, so when I tried to turn it off, it basically said "No" and wouldn't go away. At one point in trying to get it to go away, it doubled in CPU Usage so I booted it off my computer.

I'd rather not have to reinstall it, since it slows my computer like a virus would (defeating the purpose of installing the retarded application), but was hoping someone had a helpful suggestion as to something else that could replace it.

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Re: AVG 8.0 is a Virus

Post by Lorkar »

I have had really good luck with zonealarm for the past 5 years. The anti-virus part is free and the firewall and other goodies cost a few bucks but it is well worth it IMO.
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Re: AVG 8.0 is a Virus

Post by Amoenotep »

nice..i think i'm using 8.1 on my setup for AVG....only problem i have is my damn monitor won't turn on now...:(
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Re: AVG 8.0 is a Virus

Post by Lokey »

Avira is comparable to AVG. More naggy and doesn't scan email, ugly default tray icon.

Don't forget: don't be a beta tester ;) I'm still running AVG 7.5 here.

Also, if you're not into the [censored]/wares/poker sites, a router + firewall and occasional spybot/lavasoft should be ok.
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Re: AVG 8.0 is a Virus

Post by DM_Kim »

This is what I use to help keep things cleaned up. Adware picks up what this misses and visa versa, Same goes for HighJackThis and SpyBot: Search&Destroy. The registry cleaner and defag work wonders. Their spyware seaker has found stuff that just about everything else missed.

For virus stuff I still use my Norton 2003 and it rarely misses.

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Re: AVG 8.0 is a Virus

Post by DM Fortune »

This post may be a little dated but I use Avast Home free, antivirus, and spybot sd with teatimer. I've been using Tiny firewall 2.0.15 free as well but I did not see what O.S. you're using. I still use 2k/winxp.

If you want to shell out the money, best is Kaspersky , AV and firewall, about the best protection.

If you're worried about web access, use Firefox, it warns you if it knows a site is bad. Avast has stopped me from connecting a a lot of regular sites that had something bad going on at the time too.

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Re: AVG 8.0 is a Virus

Post by frogofpeace »

I started having similar problems with AVG about 6 months ago after using it for at least 2 years without incident. I tried most of the freeware stuff above and didn't like em for whatever reason (generally, because with Vista, they seem to all give an inordinate number of warnings and alerts everytime I opened a new application, and I can barely tolerate Vista's own warning nonsense). I had used Norton before that, but when I switched to Norton 360, my computer became basically unuseable. However, I bit the bullet and bought the Norton 2009 suite and it's been great. I thought about Kaspersky, but PC Mag rated Norton about the same, and said it was easier to use. Norton and Firefox both have warned me about trouble.

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Re: AVG 8.0 is a Virus

Post by Korr »

Just as long as you dont believe what you see in the news, or what you read on the internet you should be good frog ';)
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Re: AVG 8.0 is a Virus

Post by maliha3492 »

Heh yeah I'm always wondering who the people that keep getting viruses and spyware are...


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