Crafting Documentation

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Crafting Documentation

Post by Beems »

I am unable to post in the documentation section so I'll post this here.

I struggled to understand the crafting process and still am a bit confused by it.

1) When leveling up your crafting rank/title, are you expected to take an item from the respective crafting inventory repeatedly until you reach the desired rank level (Master Artisan excluded)?
- Do you need to take one, close it out, then repeat that process or can you take multiple at the same time and then close it out?
- Are you expected to continue to take the items present in that crafting inventory, even if it's a duplicate, until you reach the next level?
- Simply removing the item from the inventory is all it takes to gain crafting experience? No additional action is required?
- Will placing an item taken from the crafting inventory back into the crafting inventory result in the experience and gold loss that occurred when removing the item to be reverted or is this an acceptable method for repeating the crafting process for experience?

2) How do you "upgrade" items? This is this part that's most unclear to me.
- Are you able to bring relevant items to the respective crafting inventory and then bring it back down to "upgrade" it?
- Can you only do this for items obtained through the crafting inventory?
- Is the act of "upgrading" simply the result of improved items becoming available in the crafting inventory as your crafting rank increases?
- Once Master Artisan title is achieved, the wiki says an item can only be crafted every 12 hours and Master Artisan upgrades can occur at rank 25 and rank 30. From what I can tell, upgrades can occur a maximum of two times and only for Master Artisan crafted items?
- Can upgrades only occur at Master Artisan ranks (presumably because upgrades occur when progressing through the crafting levels/ranks)?
- Are there other items in the game outside of what is accessible through the crafting inventory that can be upgraded?

3) Are you able to switch crafting professions to level up other crafting professions with the ability to switch back over to a previously taken crafting profession while retaining the same rank level?

4) There are discrepancies on the crafting skill type wiki pages:

The Armor Crafting page is very basic with just the requirements and available item types for that crafting skill.
The Tailoring Crafting page contains the above details in addition to specific Apprentice and Journeyman items that can be crafted.
The Arcane Crafting page appears more "complete" as it contains the above details in addition to:
- Craftsman, Craftsman Arcane, and Master Craftsman Arcane, Artisan Arcane Crafting, and Master Artisan Arcane Crafting ranks.
- It also shows upgrade details for some items but only at Master Artisan Arcane Crafting rank.

I was able to locate items in the WIKI that can be crafted at higher tailoring crafting ranks and also the General Crafting page suggests there are tailoring crafting items that can be made at ranks higher than Journeyman. So I'm guessing this is simply a matter of the documentation not being fully complete yet?


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Re: Crafting Documentation

Post by MrAsimov »

1) When you choose a specific crafting rank to craft an item, the crafting inventory for that rank will open. In the chat window it will tell you how much xp and gold is required to craft each item. Upon choosing the item from the inventory, the requisite xp and gold will be removed from you character.

- Regardless of which items of a given rank you craft, once you waited the required time and used the required xp, you will gain the next rank.

2)Item upgrades only occur at Master Artisan Level and there is a menu item choice for Upgrading at the end of the list of ranks. There are only two upgrades allowed on an item, from level 20 to 25 and from level 25 to 30.

-No other type of item may be upgraded.

3)When changing crafting professions you lose all previous ranks in the prior profession.

4)The individual crafting pages are not all comprehensive.

You are correct that not every item in the game is not on the wiki, so yes, there are some crafting items that are not there at this time.

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