Making Epic Areas more playable

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Making Epic Areas more playable

Post by Nulesi »

It would be great if the epic areas scaled up in difficulty, so you do not need a party of 10 to fight in those areas. Maybe scale up the difficulty from map 1 to boss? The server has what 600 playable areas? But 99% of the players level in 1% of the areas.

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Re: Making Epic Areas more playable

Post by Celorn »

I do agree that there are kind of too many maps in the main land... but really you just level in the main land for the first 12 or so, then hit the islands, or faction cities, then after 21 (for some builds) or 25+ you jump into the lower planes for max XP.

Ultimately though, you can solo and duo almost every plane and final boss if you have the right combo of builds and the right gear/damage resistance to handle them, but you can't just level up your pure fighter and expect it to pwn Demogorgon or G1. As for a 'party of 10' only larger parties like that are sorta needed for the 3 hardest planes. All the other mid-range planes can be done with around 3 with the right combo but it will take a lot longer to complete.

AFAIK the areas do scale a bit depending on the character entering them, but only to a certain degree (ie: number of spawns) in order to scale more fine tuned then things would have to be instances like WoW but this is supposed to be a PvP server where 'red' players can find you in a plane and attack you, can't do that instanced (as consistently/easily).

But if NS4 drives more to PvE then possibly a cool thing they could do one day would be to have 2 of the same plane spawned and have 2 separate parties have a race to beat all the bosses. But then that sounds a bit too much like WoW's mythic dungeons/raids.

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Re: Making Epic Areas more playable

Post by xf1313 »

I’m new here and only character is low lv. I have to say travelling has been very painful. Would be nice if we have a more condensed world. And a mark says where the door way leads to helps, won’t say no to a few portals!

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