NS4 EE Commandments

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NS4 EE Commandments

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I - Thou shalt not abuse the Shout channel by cursing, blaspheming,spamming, or harrassing messages of any kind. This Realm is inhabited by both children and grandparents; moderate your language appropriately. Vulgar language will not be tolerated and the guilty party will be banished from the realm.

II - Thou shalt not participate in or initiate any hostile actions in Avendell or Frostdale. this is to include within the signs of avendell crossing. You must control or dissmiss your summons and pets in these so that THEY do not participate in or initiate any hostile actions. This includes the areas inside the preliminary fences of Avendell. And remember, "hostile actions" include Pick Pocketing, stealing other players' gear while being transferred, and other markedly aggressive deeds.

III - Thou shalt not exploit known bugs, nor intentionally cause another player to suffer a respawn penalty. This includes purposefully using summons or nearby NPCs to kill a player with the intention of causing a respawn penalty; if it happens accidentally, remember, it's on your head to prove that it was truly an accident if it becomes a problem.

IV - All Bind points shall now be open PvP. This is to mean that it is permissible to kill a player in their bind point, or be killed by a player in their bind point. PvP rules will be strictly enforced on this issue. The limit rules and harassment rules. Since this rule is going live as of now, be warned that skirting the rules and trying to bend them just a bit will land you harsh penalties on this subject.

V - Thou shalt not relog any character to exact revenge on a lost PvP fight, whether higher or lower in level than your original character. In the case of defending your faction city, this will be allowed if you do not change the faction of your original character. Relogging a character is not allowed in order to raise fallen comrades if the area around the bodies is still in the midst of active PvP involving the same players that killed you or your party.

VI - Thou shalt not relog any character during a relic raid, except to relog a defender character, unless a period of 30 minutes has passed since your last attempt with your original character. This includes any character involved in the transportation of relics.

VII - Thou shalt not make false statements to the DM team, nor shall you set conditions such that it is intentionally aimed to portray another player in violation of any rules.
Example: Being legally attacked, running for the gates of Avendell and crying foul when the Bigsby's Crushing Hand on you doesn't "magically" disappear.

VIII - Thou shalt not disrupt the server community. Behaviors that directly affect other players, DMs, or others in general that are deemed disruptive by a DM shall not be tolerated. This is not open to debate on the forums.

IX - Thou shalt not harass another player so that it disurpts that player's enjoyment of the game. In the case of excessive PKing, it becomes harassment when you kill the same character more than three times within a six hour period (real world time). The only exceptions to this excessive PKing prohibition are: the killer stays in the same area with the intention of taking the area over for a period of time, whether or not they announce this publicly; the dead player is the one who picks a subsequent fight; the killer is defending their HOME city (not their ally's) and the dead player is within their city's limits; or if a player wanders into a fight or raid already in progress and is killed in the crossfire accidentally.

X - Thou shalt not engage in behavior that unnecessarily increases server lag. Whenever possible, limit the amount of gear dropped on the ground (use a chest if possible, or a character mule while logging in and out). Additionally, if your party contains more than five people, make all reasonable effort to remain within the same area as much as possible.

XI - Thou shalt not commit the following miscellaneous actions:
~ Using the Pick Pocket skill on a dead player or for the purposes of exploiting any engine bugs.
~ Taking a Relic into the planes, on a ferry, into a guild hall or behind a guild door, into Avendell beyond the posted signs, or into any area flagged as No-PvP or Haven (such as a shop or spawn point where combat of any sort is not allowed or otherwise impossible due to server rules).
~ Attack or kill any NPC inside a marked No PvP or Haven area, such as most shops, Avendell, Frostdale, the Planar Store, and like places.

XII - The word of all DMs is law until a formal ruling or commandment can be written. There is no hierarchy of DMs when it comes to temporary decisions; if there is contradiction, play it safe on your end as a player until it can be sorted out. Anyone caught breaking a temporary decision will be treated as if breaking a formal commandment for the purposes of meeting out any justice.

XIII - It is the spirit of all commandments which is enforced and not the strict letter. Players who habitually skirt the edge of legal behavior will have their bad attitudes taken into account; the gods of Aetheria have long memories and little patience for those who damage the community at large.

Repeated violations of any of these rules carry a penalty of banishment from the Realm, which will be temporary or permanent depending on the number and severity of the violations.

[NOTE: These commandments are subject to revision as circumstances warrant.]