How to Quickly Swap Between CD Keys

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How to Quickly Swap Between CD Keys

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Here are the contents of the .zip to help get started:


cdkey.ini is the ACTUAL file that the game uses to load/authorize
cdkey1.ini is the cdkey.ini file with your first key in it
cdkey2.ini is the cdkey.ini with your second key in it
NWNEE_cdkey1.bat is run when you want to use cdkey1.ini to login
NWNEE_cdkey2.bat is run when you want to use cdkey2.ini to login
EDIT (with text editor like notepad) cdkey1.ini and put your first key in there
EDIT (with text editor like notepad) cdkey2.ini and put your second key in there
CREATE SHORTCUTS for NWNEE_cdkey1.bat and NWNEE_cdkey2.bat and Put those shortcuts on desktop or wherever you want to easily access them
RUN the SHORTCUT for NWNEE_cdkey1.bat for key1
RUN the SHORTCUT for NWNEE_cdkey2.bat for key2
(Note, it may be necessary to "run as administrator" depending on your windows setup and security settings.)
This is compatible with the direct connect shortcut method for NWNEE. The account tied to the cdkey in use will automatically login and the toons from that account will show (I was actually surprised at how seamless this works!)
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