Ragnar's Kin

The historic coming together of the Duergar with the other Dwarves resulted in a united kingdom deep underneath the northern stretch of the Redhorn Mountains. Later the Dwarves allowed Gnomes within their stronghold, who had shared their underground home as outcasts caught in between Ragnar's Kin and the Shadow Legion. The entirety of their territory lies under the northern Redhorn mountains, with the exception of the Black Hills. In stark contrast to the winding passages and darkened tunnels of the Shadow Legion, the Dwarves have carved out enormous halls, mines, and caverns, as well as towering underground castle, brightly lit and intricately carved. Ragnar's Kin fight continuously with their most hated enemy, the Shadow Legion, and until recently, the Yuan-Ti sect of the Ancient Ones. The dwarves care little about conquest and domination, being especially unconcerned with developments above ground, and are content with ensuring the security of their faction and the mining of valuable ores found deep underground.
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