Northern Coalition

Settling throughout the northernmost regions of the realm, across the Dorian Sea, the Northern Coalition is a faction of law and order. Wary of arcane magic, this mostly human group keeps to themselves for the most part, content to maintain order in the small area they have created for themselves. The majestic capital city of Daeron is a haven for all lawful races and classes from across the realm. Relatively isolated, the Coalition's biggest adversaries are the hordes of undead that plague the region, as well as the nearby Ancient Ones faction, whose frequent raids on their outlying villages are a continual source of bitterness and anger. Despite their disdain for practitioners of arcane magic, the Coalition welcomes and even relies on the aid and support of powerful Bards, whose arcane roots and roguish skills are considered either gifts from the Gods or lovable quirks, depending on who you ask.
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